State Retiree Council

The Minnesota State Retiree Council, AFL-CIO, is the umbrella organization of union retirees clubs and local unions with retirees.

What's its function:

  • It provides retired union members and spouses official representation within the Minnesota AFL-CIO.
  • It enables retired trade unionists to speak with a unified voice on public policy issues.
  • Affiliated organizations coordinate joint activities through the council.

How is it governed?

  • Union retiree organizations and local unions with retirees affiliate with the state council.
  • Affiliates send delegates to an annual convention that elects officers, and determines the state council's action priorities.
  • Elected officers coordinate state retiree council action on priorities set by the convention.

How does it relate with the Minnesota AFL-CIO?

  • The state retiree council is an affiliate of the Minnesota AFL-CIO.
  • The council's annual convention elects delegates and alternates to state federation conventions.
  • Retirees, through the Council, help shape the state federation's agenda and participate in its work by having the Retiree Council President serve as a Minnesota AFL-CIO Vice President.

How can our organization affiliate?

  • Call Bill Moore, State Retiree Council President, at 651-227-7647 or 1-800-652-9004.

New online!

AFSCME Retirees Fight Back! Minnesota State AFL-CIO Retiree Council board member Cheryl Jones of AFSCME Council 65 is the anchor for this short video featuring AFSCME retirees from around the country.

Retirement for the 99%, a video discussion of major financial issues confronting current and future retirees, is now available online at this link.  Produced by the Minnesota State Retiree Council, AFL-CIO in collaboration with the Labor Education Service, University of Minnesota, the 7-part video examines problems affecting Social Security, pensions and affordable health care - including Medicare - and suggests solutions to assure that all Americans retire with dignity and security. Groups and organizations can arrange for a facilitated presentation of the video, with discussion and printed materials, by contacting Dan Mikel: <>. Or leave a message on the Retiree Council phone: 651-227-7647, extension 121 or (toll free) 1-800-652-9004.

Voices of Experience on YouTube!  Voices of Experience can be seen in Sauk Rapids, St. Joseph, Sartell and Waite Park on the Community Channel 12 at 8 PM on Wednesdays; also in the southern suburbs on Town Square TV and in the Northeast St. Paul Suburbs on the Suburban Community Channel.

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