Agenda for Middle Class Dignity & Fairness Moves Forward

In late January, the Minnesota AFL-CIO put forward our Agenda for Middle Class Dignity and Fairness. The bills are now being introduced and are moving at the Legislature.


Minimum Wage Act: Raising Minnesota’s Minimum Wage to $10.55/hour and indexing to inflation.

House: HF 599 introduced by Representatives Winkler, Mullery, Sundin, Anzelc, Hausman, Hansen, Metsa, Hornstein, Davnie, Melin, Schoen and Fritz.

Senate: SF 504 introduced by Senators Latz, Goodwin, Wiger, Koenen and Torres Ray.


Employer Lockout Accountability Act: Provides unemployment benefits to workers for the lockout’s duration and adds a penalty to an employer’s unemployment tax bill if they lockout employees.

House: HF 602 introduced by Representatives Atkins; Winkler; Sundin; Anzelc; Nelson; Hausman; Hansen; Metsa; Hornstein; Isaacson; Davnie; Mullery; Murphy, E.; Melin; Schoen; Loeffler and Fritz.

Senate: SF 506 introduced by Senators Tomassoni, Schmit, Goodwin, Wiger and Koenen.


Credit Privacy in Employment Act: Bans credit checks for employment decisions related to hiring, termination, promotion, demotion, discipline, compensation or other terms and condition of employment.

House: HF 600 introduced by Representatives Mahoney, Metsa, Hornstein, Isaacson, Davnie, Mullery, Masin, Melin, Schoen, Loeffler and Fritz 

Senate: SF 505 introduced by Senators Carlson, Latz, Goodwin, Wiger and Koenen