Despite Bipartisan Opposition, Reckless ‘Right to Work’ Amendment Moves Forward

More than 1,600 people descended on the State Capitol Monday morning to show their opposition to an unfair, unsafe, and unnecessary “right to work” constitutional amendment.

Despite clearing committee, the vote was razor thin, with one Republican joining the committee’s five DFLers in opposing the amendment.

“Today, working Minnesotans showed there is sizable opposition to this reckless amendment that puts Minnesota’s high quality of life at risk,” said Minnesota AFL-CIO President Shar Knutson.  “Plain and simple, the more people hear about this amendment, the more they realize that it is a bad deal for middle class Minnesotans.”

Those testifying against the bill represented working people.  Testifiers were Republicans, Democrats, Independents, public safety professionals, business owners, skilled construction workers, teachers, and nurses.

“It doesn’t matter who you are or where you work, ‘Right to Work’ is an unnecessary amendment that endangers our safety, and tilts the balance against middle class Minnesotans,” Knutson added.

Going forward, Minnesota’s Labor movement has committed to turn out to oppose this amendment anytime and anywhere it is being considered.