2013 Session is Minnesota's Moment to Get Back on Track

As Minnesota's new Legislature convened for the 2013 session, Minnesota AFL-CIO President Shar Knutson issued the following statement:

"After a decade of cuts-only budgets & fiscal gimmicks that made life harder for middle class Minnesotans, elected leaders have an opportunity to finally balance our budget in a responsible way that moves Minnesota forward.

"For the last decade, instead of asking the richest to pay their fair share, budgets have been balanced through higher property taxes on seniors and the middle class, vital service cuts to the vulnerable, IOUs to school kids, and underinvestment in infrastructure and job creation strategies.

"It's time to get off the deficit roller coaster and invest in the things we all care about - good schools for our children, growing middle class jobs, and fixing crumbling roads and bridges.

"The only way we can truly invest in these priorities is to reform our tax system & raise revenue fairly by asking the richest Minnesotans to pay their fair share.

"This new session is Minnesota's moment; an opportunity to finally do things right."