Governor's Budget Puts Middle Class Families First

Following Governor Mark Dayton's budget announcement, Minnesota AFL-CIO President Shar Knutson issued the following statement regarding the Governor's proposed budget:

"Governor Dayton's budget proposal, at its core, puts middle class Minnesotans first.  This budget is a great first step in restoring prosperity and expanding the middle class.

"This budget begins making long-overdue investments in job creation, E-12 & higher education, local communities, and infrastructure. These are investments that will put our state back on track and create the family-sustaining jobs Minnesotans want & need.

"Governor Dayton's budget pays for these investments without any of the games & gimmicks we've seen over the last decade.  In fact, his budget actually makes taxes fairer for middle class Minnesotans by asking the richest to finally pay their fair share, closing loopholes for big corporations, and cutting property taxes.  It restores fiscal responsibility & fairness to Minnesota's finances.

"In 2012, Minnesotans elected new majorities to the Legislature to help build a better state.  Thanks to Governor Dayton's leadership, Legislators now have a blueprint."