With Time Running Out, AFL-CIO Calls on Legislature to Act on Construction Jobs Bills

Large infrastructure bonding bill & stadium will create thousands of jobs

With the 2012 Legislative session almost over, the Minnesota Legislature has yet to send critical construction job creation bills to Governor Dayton's desk. That's why the Minnesota AFL-CIO is calling on legislators to act now and pass a large infrastructure bonding bill and legislation authorizing construction of a new Minnesota Vikings Stadium.

Minnesota AFL-CIO President Shar Knutson cited yesterday's report showing that Minnesota had lost 500 construction jobs in March as yet another reason to act quickly.

"Workers in the construction trades were hit hardest when the great recession began and the sector still has yet to recover," Knutson said. "Stadium construction and a large infrastructure bill will put tens of thousands of Minnesota construction workers back on the job in every corner of the state."

Unemployment in the construction trades is still hovering at around 20 percent, more than three times the overall state rate. Between the stadium proposal and Governor Dayton's $775 million infrastructure bonding bill, 36,200 Minnesotans would be back to work in both construction jobs and the new jobs these facilities will create.

Knutson said Minnesotans deserve real job creation from their legislators.

"If the Legislature adjourns and leaves nearly 40,000 family sustaining jobs on the table; it will be a great disservice to Minnesotans who want and need to work," added Knutson. "Middle class Minnesotans are waiting for real results on job creation from this Legislature."