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Retirees using education to debunk Social Security, Medicare myths  
Looking to combat popular myths and widespread misinformation surrounding Social Security and Medicare, the Minnesota State Retiree Council is bringing a presentation on the federal safety-net programs to churches, union halls and civic centers across the state this election year. See full article from the Union Advocate newspaper. 

Two brief videos that explain how we can strengthen the social safety net can now be viewed at . The videos about Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid feature Buddy Robinson of the Minnesota Citizens Federation Northeast.  

Strategies for Saving Social Security (3:06 minutes) explains how we can strengthen the hugely successful program and make sure it will be there for future generations.

Medicare & Medicaid: Perils & Promises (2:25 minutes) suggests how the financial outlook for Medicare and Medicaid can be improved by taking full control of them back from the hands of profit-taking insurance companies.

Retiree Council board members and video team Rod Anderson and Dan Mikel shot the videos at the State Fair.

Also on You Tube is video of the news conference where the State Retiree Council, other senior organizations and the Minnesota Nurses Association joined with a representative of Congressman Keith Ellison, on Oct. 5, to denounce legislation sought by Big Pharma to exempt pharmaceuticals from the normal patent review process and delay availability of generic drugs. Watch the news conference at:

The Minnesota State Retiree Council, AFL-CIO, is the umbrella organization of union retirees clubs and local unions with retirees.

What's its function:

It provides retired union members and spouses official representation within the Minnesota AFL-CIO.

It enables retired trade unionists to speak with a unified voice on public policy issues.

Affiliated organizations coordinate joint activities through the council.

How is it governed?

Union retiree organizations and local unions with retirees affiliate with the state council.

Affiliates send delegates to an annual convention that elects officers, and determines the state council's action priorities.

Elected officers coordinate state retiree council action on priorities set by the convention.

How does it relate with the Minnesota AFL-CIO?

The state retiree council is an affiliate of the Minnesota AFL-CIO.

The council's annual convention elects delegates and alternates to state federation conventions.

Retirees, through the Council, help shape the state federation's agenda and participate in its work by having the Retiree Council President serve as a Minnesota AFL-CIO Vice President.

How can our organization affiliate?

Call Ken McInnis, State Retiree Council President, at 651-227-7647 ext. 121 or 1-800-652-9004.

Upcoming meetings: 

Wednesday, October 23, 2019 (10 AM) - MN AFL-CIO Conference Room

Wednesday, December 4, 2019 (10 AM) - MN AFL-CIO Conference Room

Interested in Minnesota Labor History?

Watch Mary Hanson’s Twin Cities Public Television interview with Dave Roe, Minnesota AFL-CIO President Emeritus and Lifetime Vice-President of the State Retiree Council. It’s on the Internet at:

Short videos on YouTube, explain state transportation needs

Four short videos that highlight and explain Minnesota’s critical transportation needs can now be viewed at The transportation videos are the first four at the top of the list.

Titles and times of the videos are:

  • Minnesota's future transportation needs (2:15);
  • Funding Minnesota's transportation future (4:59);
  • Transportation and jobs (2:59); and
  • Engaging Minnesota's elected officials on transportation issues (4:37).

Produced by Rod Anderson and Dan Mikel of the Minnesota State Retiree Council, AFL-CIO, the videos feature Jennifer Munt, Director of Public Affairs & Public Policy with AFSCME Council 5.

As state legislators consider how to fund critically necessary repairs and improvements in Minnesota’s transportation infrastructure, the videos aim to inform Minnesotans about how serious our state’s transportation needs are and how they can be addressed practically and realistically.

“Retirees know that, as we age, safe roads and easy-to-use public transit are more and more important to our health and quality of life. We’ve got to make necessary repairs and improvements sooner rather than later,” said video producer Dan Mikel, who is a president emeritus of the state retiree council.

AFSCME Retirees Fight Back! Minnesota State AFL-CIO Retiree Council board member Cheryl Jones of AFSCME Council 65 is the anchor for this short video featuring AFSCME retirees from around the country.

Retirement for the 99%, a video discussion of major financial issues confronting current and future retirees, is now available online at this link. . Produced by the Minnesota State Retiree Council, AFL-CIO in collaboration with the Labor Education Service, University of Minnesota, the 7-part video examines problems affecting Social Security, pensions and affordable health care - including Medicare - and suggests solutions to assure that all Americans retire with dignity and security. Groups and organizations can arrange for a facilitated presentation of the video, with discussion and printed materials, by contacting Dan Mikel at> leave a message on the Retiree Council phone: 651-227-7647, extension 121 or (toll free)>

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